My Passions

First off, I love reading. If there's a new book out, I will be the first to know about it. It keeps me occupied for hours on end and it's almost like I am escaping to another world. I am equally passionate about music. Whether it's simply listening to it or playing violin, it transports to a more ethereal realm. A lot of the time, I just forget that my audience is even there. In moments of such purity, I truly cherish my passions.

My Projects

As mentioned previously, I am very passionate about climate change.This extension is only the first of many projects that I plan to do, enabling every one of us to help the environment in our own way. You can download the extension on . The extension uses your activity on Google Maps and Google Flights to tell you your carbon footprint, in real terms (eg: pounds of cool burned, hours of home energy use and number of trees you can plant to offset your footprint). It helps people keep track of the emissions produced by their commutes, whether it be a simple car ride to work or a flight that travels half-way across the world. It is a simple way to track your carbon footprint and also offers an option to donate money for trees, and offset your carbon output onto our planet. This way, you can take action and contribute positively to increasing global temperatures.

I have recently launched my second Chrome extension that enables you to shop more sustainably! As consumers we vote with our dollars. It is critical that we support sustainable climate conscious companies and take our very first step towards ethical consumption. With my new app, if you are on and shopping for products made with environmentally damaging materials (such as PET, plastic, polyester), our app will automatically detect it and recommend a more environmentally friendly product. You can click here to download the new extension.

My Dreams

I dream of a carbon-neutral world. A world where going zero waste isn’t so uncommon but plastic bottles are. I’ve seen what pollution can do to the people, animals, and the environment around me and I want to do everything in my power to stop it. Another one of my dreams is to see more empowered women around me, more women as pilots, lawyers, and mechanics. The world is getting there, just not fast enough.

Slices of My Life

I am incredibly passionate about taking photos. Below, you can see some of the photos from my favorite travels below :)

Get in touch

I would love to work with you to build a better future for our generation, and to brainstorm ways we can do that. Please email me at janani [dot] acharya [at] gmail [dot] com